Delivery Details

In the Tooba Fashion mobile app, you’ll see a vertical line that maps the delivery sequence of your order. This sequence has four steps – Ordered & Approved, Packed, Shipped and Delivery. The line is green or grey depending on what stage of processing your order is in. The most recent stage is highlighted with a circular icon. For example, if your order has been shipped, you’ll see a circular icon that darkens and fades to draw your attention to the third step – Shipped

Want more details? Just click on any of the four steps and you’ll see details along with the expected delivery date of your order. For example, if your order has been shipped, you will be able to see where your order has been shipped, received and dispatched from along with the relevant dates. Hit the back button on your smartphone to go back to the main menu.

Want to do more than track your order? Tap on Cancel to cancel your order by stating your reason and select the options on the page to go about this process with ease

Tap ‘Need Help?’ to see another screen where you can select an issue with your order be it about cancellation discounts, or payments. Here you will find answers to questions like ‘How do I check if a cashback is applied to my order?’ or ‘My order is delayed’. Click on the issue to find an instant answer